Wiki Me (Sorta)

On Saturday we are heading off for America for two weeks. So this will be my last post for a few days…

[Rainbow over the Catskills. Photo by me, 2012.]

It has been eight months since we were last at our house there. Several stored history books – “Admiral Nelson, sir, you shall be returned here to England…” – in the house await me, too. I desperately need them.

We are traveling with two friends. The husband in the couple has never been to America before. So THIS trip should all be very interesting.

[My novels so far.]

It’s interesting also to think about this reality. I know I discuss myself, and my family and my friends, at great length here. As you may know, I have fictionalized myself and some family and friends in my novels.

I am me. However, I also well know I won’t ever be “me” beyond social media or my novels because the author “me” is not the real me. This public me is a pseudonym and will remain so.

So, for example, a Wikipedia page will not happen…

[Screen capture of]

…and that being so, I thought I would here have a chuckle and create a somewhat tongue-in-cheek version of a Wiki that is factually the real me, but under the pseudonym.

Yes, I know that no one is supposed to write their own Wiki; but, again, this isn’t REAL of course. Yet what you read in it is me. I found it also makes for a useful exercise in thinking of yourself in the “third person,” so to speak:

[Click to expand.]

How might you write your own Wiki? πŸ˜‰ Have a good weekend, wherever you are. Hopefully, I will next “see” you from the other side of the Atlantic Ocean. πŸ™‚

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  1. Your Wiki is highly entertainining, much more so than the “real” Wikis online. I always feel awkward writing about myself in the third person, a process that occurs more than the non-writer might imagine since we’re constantly on a quest for an entertaining bio. Personally, mine bores me. The third-person POV has very obituary-like undertones which tends to creep me out, lol. Have ana amazing vacation. Hope you get a minute to post some Instagram pics. Take care! πŸ™‚

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    • Thanks.😊 I hope to have lots of photos. I do agree also it can be weird to write a Wiki about yourself, but it’s fun. I do have to agree too that it can also seem a bit β€œposthumous” and obituarist, yet it’s also useful to consider how your life might be seen by others.😳😜😊

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