“An overdecorated piece of furniture”

A few weeks ago, I watched the 2007 French-Italian television adaptation of the classic “novel,” War And Peace:

“War And Peace,” by Leo Tolstoy. On Kindle. Photo by me, 2018.]

I so enjoyed that miniseries. (Its official trailer is found here.) I had heard of it upon its release, but I had not seen it before. It was such a pleasant surprise, I was actually deflated when it concluded:

Given what I write, that probably doesnโ€™t shock you.

Yesterday, I also had a laugh on Instagram:

[Me. Cartooned. Rothesay Castle, Scotland, 2017.]

I had been messing around with a cartoon app: I used a photo from last year, in Scotland. The result made me chuckle: What the heck do I look like there? I told an Insta-commenter: โ€œNellowulf.โ€

Maybe I could there be some fantasy chieftain, saying goodbye to his son?: โ€œYou’re young and may think she loves you, but something tells me you ought be mindful of trusting your companion too much, which is why I wished to speak privately before you depart. Also as you journey, son, beware of the Lector of Fridgemumia who serves the Great Orkun at the Ice of Endless Doom. ‘Tis long rumored he turns men into hugglemars…โ€

Game of Thrones had jumped to mind. I tread here very lightly as I offer this important disclaimer as well: I have never seen more than a promo. At its 2011 premiere, the series held no interest for me, and I have never watched any of it. Perhaps needless to say I had also never read the books on which it is based; indeed I don’t even recall knowing of the booksโ€™ existence before the television show appeared.

Doesn’t anyone comb their hair? Or truly smile? Of course some things can happen at night, but is the sun ever out? LOL!

Okay, kidding aside, I am not much into โ€œfantasyโ€ and never have been. (I have written before in detail about that personal taste.) I’m just not one for stories built around muddy encampments, ice, darkness, and half-humans clad in furs. You may already have guessed I much prefer fashionable ladies and well-attired gentlemen in well-lit 18th/19th century drawing rooms.

For this post I had click around at Thrones on the International Movie Database ( I do know more about it now than ever; but my initial impression remains unchanged. It’s not my thing. Reading through the many wildly positive reviews, I also found myself recalling at one point a sarcastic observation attributed to a real-life someone who knew a bit about trying to keep a throne, Napoleon: “You know what the throne is? The throne is an overdecorated piece of furniture.”

There may also be a “game” going on among raters. The show gets an overall “9.5,” which is the HIGHEST rating I have ever seen for anything on it. Most reviewing seem ENTHRALLED by it. This is a “10” example, and it is tame compared to some others:

However, a small minority appear totally to DESPISE it:

And wow, do they HATE it:

True, those wildly opposing reviews are years apart, so the show may have changed; but I don’t think the show could have changed THAT much. Most reviews I see regardless of date lean more towards that first “10” rather than those two cited “1s”. As a writer I also find it is fascinating to see a fictional effort stir up such utterly opposite opinions.

There is so much out there, I am a firm believer in embracing what you enjoy in terms of literature. If you like fantasy books, and such TV programs and films, that’s great. It is wonderful you have such a passion in your life.

If that passion is not yours, though, it is also necessary to have somewhere else to go. Indeed, fantasies like Game of Thrones would not exist were it not for “reality”-based books such as War And Peace. And realities may well be amazing while remaining entirely human:

And there are also, ahem, my books as well. ๐Ÿ˜‰

Have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world. ๐Ÿ™‚