Reviews Of “Greatness”

The weekend is here. Another “great” week:

After thinking on that intellectual offering from the governor of Texas, who was taking a slap at a comment made by the governor of my birth state – New York – I created this yesterday for Instagram:

Yes, that was some of the smart-mouthed New Yorker coming out of me there, I admit…

[The grave of Lt. Martin Kelly, of New York, located at the edge of the rose garden outside of rebel Confederate General Robert E. Lee’s former house in what is now Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia, USA. Photo by me, 2017.]

…because Lt. Kelly (and tens of thousands of others like him) could not be reached for comment.

I replied on Instagram to someone who took issue with my meme, that I believe that some Americans “don’t want to think about the many blemishes (and worse), while others emphasize little but the bad. Certainly we have done many great things as a country, but we should also be mature enough to admit that at times we stunk up to the high heavens too.”

Authors who write about our country (as I do) must be adept enough to take both realities into account. I try to do so. Given that yesterday, and other things I’ve seen recently, I thought this was a good time to say yet again that I thank you for visiting here and for reading my books – which you probably know feature not only Americans, but French, English, Lebanese, Russians, Japanese, and others. If a writer has no readers, he might as well be keeping a diary.

That said, I want to note this as well once again:

I saw that above yesterday on Instagram too and I don’t agree with it. I don’t believe in authors actively asking for reader reviews and related support. In a post three years ago, I also made it clear that authors going on about money with readers is utterly out of line, and why it is.

We see way too much of that stuff on social media. I dislike efforts to “guilt” you as a reader. Yes, if you feel you want to write a (good 🙂 ) review of one of my books somewhere (it doesn’t have to be Amazon), that’s very nice of you. If you tell friends and family you like my books, well, that’s wonderful of you. If you buy any via going in and ordering through your local independent bookstore, that’s fantastic.

However, if you stand on a street-corner or in an airport lounge shouting about how fantastic they are, well, uh, err, I suspect you may be escorted away to speak to a professional. 😉

[My novels so far. Paperback versions. Photo by me, 2018.]

My bottom line is what you as a reader who has purchased one or more of my books do after having done so is ENTIRELY your business. I am merely always hono(u)red and flattered if you have purchased my novel(s) (or read a copy someone lent you). Every writer says this (because they must), but I do really hope the next one (next year) will be the best yet. 🙂

Have the greatest weekend in the history of the universe!… wherever you are.😊

UPDATE: Governor Cuomo has evidently attempted to clarify his comment:

Yet Cuomo surely *knows* that’s not true. It hasn’t “always” been great. Clearly he feels he has to try to placate those who desperately need to believe America’s past is entirely “Schoolhouse Rock!

A famous phrase now comes to mind: “Never explain yourself. Your friends don’t need it and your enemies won’t believe it.”

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