The “Vanishing”

You may know by now that England lost yesterday evening to Croatia in the World Cup semi-final:

I was not one of those who thought this English team were good enough to win the whole thing. (That “doubt” really irritated my Mrs.) I felt even if they had managed to have beaten Croatia (which they nearly did), France would probably have trounced them in the final. Better to have lost, in some respects, at this hurdle than at the last one.

What England do have is the core for a brilliant team in coming years – for the next European Cup, and for the next World Cup in 2022. England having a football future? Wow!

[Bath Cathedral (with an England flag flying) Photo by me, 2014.]

But there are always idiots out there, of course. Minutes after the defeat, I got a Twitter reminder. Silently I unfollowed some guy after his racist tweet about the composition of the England team popped into my timeline.

Frankly I should have unfollowed some time ago; but I like to read a variety of opinions. However, this was one tacky comment too many even for me. I realized I no longer needed to know what he “thinks” (to use the word loosely): I did by now, quite well. And I realized this as well yet again: At one time, “Uncle Dave” was restricted to offering his blockhead worldview only to a dozen or so other unfortunates at family get-togethers or dinners (we had our share in our family), but now we all get treated to such c-ap regularly on so-called “social media.” Every nitwit with an internet connection is able to mouth off to the globe.

But that doesn’t mean you are required to put up with it. Don’t bother wasting your time trying to debate with that type: you cannot debate with doorknobs. You may not be able to get away from the real-life “Uncle Dave” holding forth in the kitchen, but you can make him “vanish” from your “social media.” Just unfollow “him.”

There is so much that is good out there. Don’t be dragged down scrolling through garbage posted by imbeciles. Remember, your “social media” belongs to YOU.

Have a good weekend, wherever you are in the world. 🙂