Ahead To Tomorrow

We were out last night in Welwyn village center with a visiting friend:

A girlfriend from Dublin is spending the weekend with us. (“I hear we’ve been in the news? We’ve decided we’re gonna do everything by a referendum now. I’m votin’ in favour of this dinner.”) She left her two young teens and husband over in Ireland to fly over here for two nights. (“Miss me? Are ya kiddin’? They luv it. You know him, he’ll have them takin’ a 20 km walk somewhere, or kayaking…”)

Earlier in the day she and my wife had been out for several hours doing their thing together without me either. I used the time alone to take to the office for a while.

Writing a novel is (I believe) more difficult while it lacks a proper title; but once you have a title you feel the chaotic manuscript before you now has an identity and you feel a renewed impetus to see it through to the end. But what an effort it may be to find that title and this latest for me was no exception. I noted the other day that I felt I had a title at last, and here it is:

[Photo by me, 2018.]

And, yes, these next are likely essentially going to be the paperback’s covers: back (l) and front:

[Tomorrow The Grace, front and back print covers. R. J. Nello, 2018.]

Of course it will be available as a Kindle also – if you prefer your 18th-19th century stories on a 21st century device.

So that is what is coming next from me, probably during 2019.

“Robert Rutherford” and “Mrs. Rutherford” (I’m not naming her here precisely; that’s a major spoiler), now of the Catskill Mountains, in New York, as well as several others (I’m not naming those others here either!) from Conventions: The Garden At Paris, shall return. I had written Conventions so that the tale could end with its final page, but I decided shortly after finishing it that it shouldn’t. They will be back a bit older and wiser a few years later as the world, in many respects, seems to them to be coming apart…

And once again the “required” author’s traditional disclaimer, but with a personal twist I’d concocted there. However, Tomorrow The Grace won’t be a sequel to its predecessor technically. I am writing it so a reader doesn’t need necessarily to read 2017’s Conventions first.

However, given Conventions is where many of those in Tomorrow The Grace “start” their literary lives, by all means if you haven’t read Conventions yet, well… now’s definitely the time to do so, uh, before Tomorrow arrives. πŸ˜‰

Our house guest is having a lie in. But I suspect she will be awake shortly, so I had better post this before today’s activities commence. Have a good weekend, wherever you are. πŸ™‚