To Blog, Or Not To Blog?

I’m seeing this sort of thing observed more and more:

I am not sure if people are still reading or checking blogposts like they used to, I know I am not. I still read a couple of blogs here and there, but I tend to get my inspirations directly from instagram and youtube, finding it hard to focus on my bloglovin feed as I used to.

After a recent Instagram pic of hers popped up in my feed, I recalled I’d not checked her blog in quite some time. I clicked over to it. That’s when I saw that post from which I’d pulled her quote above.

It’s from this March 5 post. March 5! So I guess that perhaps proves her point to some extent. Yet I’d also thought I was subscribed? I realized then I mustn’t have been or I’d have received an email. Oh, well, nevermind.

Anyway, all of that led me to think on this. Writing is in many respects a distinctive “universe.” In the increasingly visual, photo/video-driven internet, the written word can seem to take a back seat. For example, Instagram. It’s great for photographs and a quick caption, such as, uh: “Look at me having a Stella in Bristol!”:

Or about reflecting upon what decorates a bedroom wall in a Welsh holiday cottage:

Insta’s not meant for extended text or complicated explanations. (As you may know, it doesn’t even embed paragraphs.) And I believe most Insta followers don’t want to see too much text. They are there, after all, for photography.

I like to think of Instagram as akin to “singles”: quick, short posts. In comparison a blog is more of an “album.” (You musicians out there know what I mean.)

Instagram as well as other social media platforms are just not nearly as flexible or personal as a blog. You can do a blog largely as you want: it can reflect your unique identity and offer entirely your choice of content. For a writer specifically, a blog (such as mine here) is both a “shop front” and a point of contact for readers. Keeping it “alive” by regularly updating it is, I believe, pretty important: I know that the more I post, the more visitors – and hopefully readers – I get.

So there are roles for both social media like Instagram as well as blogs: they can compliment each another. Blogs should not be, uh, written off. Indeed in that March 5 post, she also writes:

…your personal blog gives you a blank canvas, that can be yours to fill in without any restrictions.

And on that I believe she’s absolutely right.

If you want, have a click here to head over to Maya’s style/travel/lifestyle blog and surprise her. Seeing it, you may even want to follow her. And I’m going to make sure I’ve got that subscription set up properly this time.πŸ˜‚

We’re now back home in Hertfordshire. Welsh long weekend (sadly) concluded. Have a good day, wherever you are.😊