Side Notes

This was yesterday morning…

But it could apply to today. Difference? That was yesterday.

I have no idea yet what today’s musical choices will include. I’ve written before that I tend to listen to music when I sit writing at a PC. I do so especially in our current house here: we live in a busy English village, so road noises and even conversations outside naturally drift up to my office window and unsurprisingly that’s distracting if one is trying to think and write.

[A quiet moment nearby in Codicote. Photo by me, 2018.]

Music, of course, masks street noises – and actually it masks them a lot. And it does enjoyably so.

I have all of the Beatles albums and singles on one iPhone playlist. (Trivia: they produced about 10 hours of music over the course of their entire 1962-1970 activity.) I enjoy not just “old” pop music like that and Sting – who, if you listened to him, was serious stuff – and 80s, 90s, and early 2000s numerous others (commensurate, I suppose, with my age), but some newer as well, such as Adele. I search through SoundCloud occasionally also in particular for its “little known” new and “indie” performers; if you look you can find talents such as London-born singer Patrina Morris (who is more prominently now on iTunes also), Norwegian Therese J (a folk singer/songwriter – and with a ukulele, too), and French Gwen Bovilan (whom I discovered some years back through finding her version of the 1967 Box Tops hit, “The Letter“).

Since my teens, I have also loved “classical” music, particularly J.S. Bach and Mozart. I like film and TV soundtracks as well. I can listen to John Barry’s Out of Africa soundtrack probably a gazillion more times. My iPhone playlists are also full of the likes of the A Beautiful Mine (Theme music from Mad Men), Downton Abbey – The Suite, and HBO’s John Adams soundtrack, and more.

[The back of our house, looking towards Hunter Mountain, about 15 miles away. Catskills. Photo by me, 2016.]

Even over in the Catskills, where it is far more quiet in the house, I don’t think I could write in total silence. At the very least, the headset goes on. Indeed, if you think you have “writer’s block,” one way forward which I would recommend is putting on some favorite music in the background as you look to write: music relaxes you and can release any “knots” in your head.

In fact, in my head, if I hear music I was listening to at the time I was writing a book, I find I associate that music with that novel. Such is the impression it makes on us inside.

You may well be reading this with headphones in. I dare to wonder what music you associate with me? Have a good day, wherever you are. πŸ™‚