Our Always Imperfect World

I was not planning on posting anything today, but a few minutes ago – after sharing this on Instagram – I thought I’d offer this here:

[Excerpt from Conventions: The Garden At Paris. Paperback. Click to expand.]

The primary writer of those words, one Thomas Jefferson, was born today, 275 years ago, in 1743, in the then British colony of Virginia. Partly reproduced in French there, they spread to Europe and to South America, and would subsequently help change the world. The equalities we take for granted today owe much to those words in that 1776 U.S. Declaration of Independence. (See this post – “That Man On The Mountaintop” – from last week for more.)

As was the case for most of those who came before us (such as those “1787” fictional people above), most of us wish merely to live our lives in peace amongst our families and friends. We don’t expect the Moon and the stars. However, amidst our new, and increasingly frenetic, loud and vicious, “social media” environment, in which confrontation, ugliness, and harping on differences and stoking fears, appears prized above all else, it is too easy to forget that.

The world has always been imperfect and always will be. Yes, at times irrationality does seize portions of it too. It is perhaps difficult not to be at times, but given what we have overcome and achieved in the past I refuse to be a pessimist about the future.

Have a good weekend, wherever you are in the world. πŸ™‚

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  1. Hmmm…Let’s say that the human nature is imperfect, my dear Robert! Not the world! But if we are able to comprehend, to accept & to find a way how to build the life in it, it is another great question! Have a nice tea evening!

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