Then There Is Marmite

We spent last weekend down in London at my in-laws. On arrival, we learned they were watching a vacationing relative’s cat. My mother-in-law told me, “The cat is up in the guest room, I think. He’s so good. We never even know he’s here…”

[Photo by me, 2018.]

Standing next to the bed upstairs in that guest room when I heard that from her, I shouted back: “He’s on my pillow!”

Cat lovers among you, please understand: I don’t dislike cats. In fact, I like them.

But there are, uh, you know, limits.

That night, the dog – who used to be our dog, until he moved in with my in-laws because we traveled so much – needed his evening walkie. At least he prefers their old sofa:

[Photo by me, 2018.]

As I walked him, I was struck again at how London streets can sometimes be so tranquil even on a Saturday evening…

[Photo by me, 2018.]

I thought: “Where is everybody?”

Inside, of course, I reminded myself next. It was 11 pm.

[Selfie, 2018.]

Oh, and I snapped a selfie.

The following morning, we awoke to a surprise…

[Photo by me, 2018.]

Snow!!!!! Well, not very much. But still it was… not rain.

London’s reputation is for sliding into complete Mad Max civilizational breakdown having a tad of trouble coping with even light snow. It once took me seven hours to drive ten miles in a two inch snowfall.

In comparison, over in upstate New York, we call that, “I think I saw some flurries.”

Here in London, the trains stopped. The Tube shut down. Buses came to a standstill. Cars were either crawling along at about 1 mile an hour, or were immobile also, or were sliding into each other.

It felt like one of those “armaggedeon” films. 😉

That was, in fairness, a bunch of years ago now. London did fine last weekend dealing with that “snow event.”

It has also been about 15 years since I’d first – and last – tried this British delicacy, and that experience had not been a wildly positive one. On Sunday morning at breakfast, I decided finally to give Marmite another chance:

[Photo by me, 2018.]

If you have never heard of Marmite, it is a yeast-based spread. That is about all I can say about it really. Wikipedia has more

Apologies to all of you Marmite aficionados out there, but it still didn’t grab me.

I would like to add that I also found (surrounded as I was as well by eager onlookers seeking my of course sophisticated American opinion) that I couldn’t even generally describe its, uh, “unique” (yeh, yeh, let’s call it that) flavo(u)r. Its taste doesn’t really even vaguely resemble any other taste I can pinpoint. Actually, I suppose technically it tastes like yeast… whatever it is yeast is supposed to taste like.

I posted that Marmite pic on Instagram yesterday. My “findings” led to this Marmite discussion in the comments…

Thus social media. What a world. You can cover serious issues, great literature, and/or post what you think are lovely photographs… and sometimes create only a modest stir.

Ah, but just mention MARMITE and that gets you Great Britain’s full attention! Every commenter (who isn’t me) there – except one – is British.

Have a good day, wherever you are in the world. 🙂

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