That World Long Past

Christmas break time is over…

[From John Marshall, Writings. Library Of America. Underlining and photo by me, 2018.]

We can forget how much the world has changed.

We get uptight when Gmail is down for five minutes. We may worry when our instant messages don’t receive replies within minutes. We can feel out of sorts when, as we sit in London, our friends in Sydney or Mumbai or Los Angeles or Cape Town don’t “like” our Facebook or Instagram photos immediately.

There was a time we didn’t hear at all from a loved one for MONTHS!

And now, sitting here comfortably in 2018, you want again to try to recreate that world long past? Are you insane? You too feel stressed when the electricity goes out or the broadband isn’t working!

You really hope to get into a 220 year old mindset again? Well, you will give it your best shot once more. You have done it before…

[Screen shot of Kindle site.]

I keep reminding myself I choose to do this. And I tell myself I can do it – that it will be fun, exciting, and even a little educational and that I can carry along readers with me. I keep reminding myself the end product will be worth it!💻📝📚

Hope you’re having a good weekend, too!😜😂