These Mountains

There they are, snapped in the distance while (someone else was) driving north yesterday (returning from the – rather touristy – Woodbury Common shopping center about an hour and a half drive south): the Catskills…

[I-87 above Exit 18, looking north towards the Catskills. Photo by me, 2017.]

It’s amazing. When I was a kid, my now late uncle had a small cabin near Freehold, just down the mountains to the east. I spent several weeks there back in the summer of 197????… uh, that’s close enough year-wise. 😉

Of everywhere in the world, here I am now.

He visited our house here near Windham in 2011. During his stay, memories of his former house came rushing back to us. I am so pleased he had made it here to our place.

[Photo by me, 2017.]
[Photo by me, 2017.]

Now I find that when I can I want to write about this region about 120 miles north of New York City…

[Excerpt from Conventions: The Garden At Paris. On Kindle for iPad. Click to expand.]

While here this week, I watched almost no television. Indeed I made the mistake of turning on the TV yesterday for a little while: I realized within minutes that I’d forgotten how dreadful and depressing American TV ads are. They are often horrifying, of questionable truthfulness – to say the least – and come at you one after another at lightening speed. Watch too much commercial TV here and you’ll need a psychiatrist.

Television is not the only offender. I kept the reading of the likes of Twitter to a minimum. Scrolling Twitter is now too often like encountering scribbled insults on desks or on bathroom walls back in high school.

In my week here, when I could I’ve read BOOKS – on Kindle, and I started my birthday PAPERBACK gift Cooper bio – and some blogs. I also liked lots of Instagram pics. (I follow some of you possibly reading this.) It has been rejuvenating: I have no idea this morning what the current “top news” even is.

[Selfie. 2017.]

My next post will probably be from back in England in a few days. Have a good weekend, wherever you are in the world. 🙂

This is Veterans Day/Remembrance Sunday weekend. Let’s not forget. World War I ended on November 11, 1918.