Two Years Ago Today

My mom died on October 26, 2015. (The cause was lung cancer, probably contracted as a consequence of decades of smoking. We could never get her to stop. I would not wish how she died on my worst enemy. If you smoke, STOP! If you don’t, please DON’T START.)

The Fifth Dimension’s “Aquarius/Let The Sunshine In” – probably THE MOST 1960s song there is – was one of her favorites. I’ll always associate it with her:

[My iPhone last night. Photo by me.]

I was in a class play when I was age 10 in which my teacher, Miss B_____ (who seemed REAL old to us kids; thinking back from now, she was probably about “25”), had us all dancing to that. I can still recall overhearing Mom laughing to Dad about her after the show: “That one is definitely a former hippie.” I had no clue what a “hippie” was.

I wrote nearly all of Distances during 2015, before we had any hint my mom would not live to see 2016. Her mid-1990s prediction of what would follow in years to come politically was obviously not on target. Regardless it’s a happy memory for me and served as one source of writing inspiration and material:

[Excerpt from Distances. On Kindle for iPad. Click to expand.]

Regularly she kidded me about Thomas Jefferson too…

[Screen capture of Twitter.]

…I suppose she did so with good reason.

[Yesterday afternoon sun, Hertfordshire, England. Photo by me.]

Thanks for reading. Have a good day, wherever you are in the world.

And if she is still around, be nice to your mother.


  1. I need to heed this advice. I have a terrible relationship with my mother. And of course, I know time is running out for me to fix things. And yet, I just can’t make that leap. I must, though…
    Hope you’re feeling okay, Robert.

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    • Thanks. I’m doing fine. I feel more for my dad. I know everyone’s personal circumstances are different, and that’s probably too glib of me to suggest – just to be nice to your mom. My mum and I had some real “barnburner” arguments over the years. Anyone overhearing might have thought, “Wow, they’re done for sure.” But at times that was just how we “cleared the air.”

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