“When a twenty-one year old New Yorker sails for Europe in 1787…”

She was the first (after my wife) to see the rough draft of Passports. I had written it in secret – and, it seemed, usually at “4 o’clock in the mornings” – during 2012-2013. I did so because it being my first real effort at writing a novel, I did not want anyone to know what I was attempting – in case I could not finish it, or if out of sheer embarrassment I wanted to burn it unread by others, or both.

I remember her telling me at one point while she was reading that draft…

With assistance from her like that I revised it, “toughened” it up in places, and smoothed it out to completion.

She is also a first-class marketer who has her own consultancy business here in England, and is a long-time friend. She will now be, I guess you might also say, my “agent” of sorts. Mostly she will help out as need be beyond me meekly asking her, “Uh, can you tell me what you think of this [writing]?”

Our arrangement has come about partly because I had recently seen a television bio of the actor James Cagney. His brother was his agent.

I don’t have a brother. And my sister is out of the question. Who else?

That’s when I thought of her.

And she thought this could not hurt. I apologize in advance given if you are here you know me already, but over the next few weeks you may bump into an ad for Conventions: The Garden At Paris, on the Kindle device and the Amazon web site, within historical-romance and genre fiction. Obviously, it is aimed at those people who don’t know me yet.😊

Advertising makes the world go ’round.

She also offered some insight on my suggested wording:

[From Messenger.]

Yes, the inevitable pitfalls of attempting to write in our “global” English. There will always be someone who sees something in a “local” meaning amongst your words that you didn’t see. As you can see there too, she has a necessary sense of humo(u)r.

If you desire to write fiction, I urge you to retain one person you can confide in, who is NOT a spouse or a boy/girlfriend, for opinions and advice. And you must be willing to listen. I would go as far also to suggest that if you are a man seek out a woman for that role, and vice-versa – because that person can give you a glimpse into the other sex’s “perspective,” particularly if you are writing major characters of that other sex.

Have a good day, wherever you are in the world. 🙂