For Non-Amazons Out There

In my previous post, discussing what I hope will be a new short story (as you may know, writing a short story is a new endeavor for me), I stated that it will be available “only” on Kindle. I have since amended the post because, afterward, as I thought about that, I realized that was wrong. I had meant it would (probably) be solely in ebook form.

I’m aware I tend to show a sloppy ebook “bias” towards Amazon’s Kindle device. I don’t mean to, and I don’t believe I’m alone in that. We may unthinkingly and narrowly blurt out “Kindle” even if we also mean, much more broadly, “e-reader.”

A big reason for any such “bias” on my part simply has to do with the fact that my novels first appear as ebooks on the Kindle. Under Amazon’s “terms and conditions,” the new Conventions: The Garden At Paris must be exclusively available electronically on the Kindle – for now. Next year, it will likely be available elsewhere.

However, the earlier Atlantic Lives novels (Passports, Frontiers and Distances) are now not only on Kindle, but available on numerous other e-reader platforms, the most prominent two probably being Apple’s iTunes…

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And Barnes and Noble’s Nook…

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As you see also, the Barnes and Noble bookstore has Conventions – but in paperback only.

Thus the realities of publishing contractual limitations…

I plan to have the as of yet untitled short story available not only on Kindle but also immediately on other e-readers such as iTunes and Nook. I just wanted to note that clearly because I know that not everyone uses Amazon. Although presumably Amazon wishes EVERYONE would. 😉

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