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If we are new to a blog that has been around for years, we may perhaps feel we have turned up “late” to a “party” where everyone else already seems to “know” everyone else. It isn’t easy to try to pinpoint which older posts are the “more important” in order to catch up. And no one really wants to waste time wading aimlessly through old posts anyway.

That’s a shame because a blog may be in many ways a life journal, too. I look back now and then at older posts and I do admit that sometimes they have not aged “well.” But they were written honestly at that time and so are part of the passage of time.

Having been here since December 2013, I thought I would attempt to sum myself up by highlighting a few of them. I’ve collected a dozen. They include some going back nearly to the beginning – when I think I had about “ten” followers and I know I was writing mostly to myself.

These twelve aren’t necessarily my favorites, or among the “most liked,” or among the “most read,” but what they do provide is, I feel, a progressive series of insights that allow a “recent” arrival to join “the party” relatively quickly…


December 2013: “Weaving Fact Into Fiction”

December 2013: “A Lonely Trade?”

December 2013: “Expat Or Immigrant?”

February 2014: “Some Farewell Thoughts”

February 2014: “American Study Abroad Students And Alcohol”

November 2015: “A Eulogy: The Toughest Writing You’ll Ever Do”

September 2016: “Your Mark On Forever”

September 2016: “Living With A Legacy”

November 2016: “The Woman Whose Name Is On New York Bridges”

November 2016: “The Sword Of Gerzeanam”

February 2017: “Love Letters: Duchess And Diplomat”

And last summer, but still timely: August 2016: “From 2013 To The Now”


Some of those may also be interesting reading to anyone who has followed for years, but may have missed any of them the first time around.

Have a good day, wherever you are in the world. 🙂


UPDATE: And by sheer coincidence, this popped up after I’d hit publish:

I knew I’d written over 900, but I hadn’t looked closely at the actual number in some time. How eery is that – for this post to be exactly number 1,000.

3 thoughts on “Twelve Posts

  1. Ha-ha-ha! To the point, dear Robert! Unfortunately, Readers are not always too curious about what was behind, in the beginning of our blogging age. 🙂
    You look tired. Take care!


    1. If they aren’t curious, that’s fine. If they are, this sort of thing may help. And I wasn’t tired there as much as hot: that was last week during the heatwave here.😜

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