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Ballots Not Battle

June 9, 2017
R. J. Nello

As I have written previously, I do not take a public stance about British politics. I have my private opinions of course, and they’re known to family and friends. However, when you are a guest in someone else’s home, I believe you respect the homeowner and keep your mouth shut about their choice of political leadership.

That said, I feel this is reasonable to point out in general terms on any “morning after” free elections are held…

Our individual lives are probably not all that we wish. Chances are something is lacking. And we are likely as unsettled and insecure inside as humans always have been and presumably always will be.

And the world “out there” is almost certainly not entirely as we want it to be.

Yet we ought to remember to give thanks for at least this much. We are fortunate people. We are so fortunate, we tend to take our good fortune for granted…

Excerpt from “Conventions” on Kindle for iPad. Click to enlarge.

We may or we may not (no puns intended) be pleased about any given election results. But let us always keep matters in vital perspective: the ballot replaces battle. For most of history until only relatively recently, in most places, rulership had been decided by the sword or the gun – and those who “lost” were often slaughtered.

This morning across the United Kingdom, armies are not being called forth. Instead, politicians are bickering. The latter is much preferable to the former.

Marker denoting the history of a building. Hertfordshire, England. [Photo by me, 2017.]

I suppose that above is also a bit of the former college politics lecturer coming out of me. Apologies.

Have a good day, wherever you are. πŸ™‚

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