Why “Maxwell” (For Now)

Some of my favo(u)rite bloggers appear to change their templates sometimes weekly. (And you know who you are – you travel and fashion bloggers!) It dawned on me early yesterday that I had not changed mine in about, err, 3 years. That’s a *lifetime* in social media.

I suppose I liked the consistency of having a site which usually looked much the same to visitors – comfortable and predictable. I liked to offer some stability. The world may be spinning out of control out there…but, well, fear not, my blog had looked the same since 2014!

But, alas, all change is inevitable in life. And there was always a risk of becoming “stale,” too; and of course I wanted to head off that possibility. I took the plunge:

Screen capture of one of the revolving headers.

You may have already seen this new template pop up yesterday…and been stunned: “This is Robert’s site I’m on, right? He’s changed his template? Is he feeling okay?”

If you’re a WordPress user, this one is called “Maxwell.”

I think it’s easier to read and navigate than my previous one. It is also “brighter” and offers what I consider a more pleasant presentation. Also I like the way it lists its recent posts – featured photos included – on the main page as well:

Screen capture. Recent posts prior to 31 May 2017.

The photos seem to stand out more, and it still has the auto-revolving header photo feature. In a world of dazzling photos on Instagram, photos are now perhaps more important than ever – even for a writer’s blog.

So I may have this one until, uh, “2020.” 🙂