About The British

I’ve lived here now nearly 20 years. I love this country. It has some of the best people in the world.

Flag of the United Kingdom.

Others out there may become emotional and raise their voices when angered. In contrast, the British tend to turn “frosty” and quieter. And the British definitely don’t scare easily.

The Nazis tried flattening this country and it did not break. The British are still occasionally uncovering unexploded 75 year old Luftwaffe bombs here and there. Headcases with no recollection of, nor it appears any knowledge of, those times when bombs and missiles rained down from the skies, and who now blow themselves up in the name of their god outside a concert while targeting this land’s teenage girls, think it’s actually possible to “terrify” the British?

They’ve succeeded only in *royally* pissing the British off – quietly.

Prime Minister Theresa May last night said she does not want the British people to feel “unduly alarmed.”

“Unduly alarmed.”

No other country in the world…