That Blank Page (Again)

We are back home in England after our visit with my father and our North American holiday:

And I have the souvenir mug:

Now, back to reality.

Conventions: The Garden At Paris is also finished and available. That chapter is, shall we say, “closed.” Time to move on…

For the first time in about 15 months, I’m staring once more at that blank page. Such is what every writer perpetually faces. You pour all of you into an effort, and after it is completed you have to do it all over again.

The home office, this morning. [Photo by me, 2017.]

We all see internet advice passed around by and among writers. Some is useful. But some is decidedly questionable – and I don’t care who said it.

Writing is art, not a cookie-cutter endeavor in which if you mimic a “successful” writer you too will be as “successful.” Chances are you won’t be. Copying a style is also called being “unoriginal.” And remember those others’ “success” may have been – and likely to an extent was – something of a fluke, too. (However one defines writing “success,” that is.)

Enjoy reading what they write if you enjoy what they write. But don’t elevate certain high-profile writers to a level of final arbiters on what YOU must do as a writer. They are not.

Case in point:

Screen capture from the Cambridge Dictionary.

I have “nine” bl-ody degrees. I do know a few things. I’d read a great deal as well before taking up writing in 2013.

You write as you see fit. You impart your tale and your perspective to your readers in your own way. You “speak” to them as you wish to “speak.”

Whatever “it” may be, if you crave a single writing “rule” to live by, this is an excellent one: If it is good grammar, it is fundamentally acceptable on a page.

Simply put, I have, and I will, use an ADVERB if and when I damn well want to! 😉

Have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world. 🙂

5 thoughts on “That Blank Page (Again)

  1. Dear Robert, I do comprehend you very well! 🙂 I wish you inspiration! By the way, have you read my latest post? I’ve shared one of my favourite operettes there as a source of inspiration for my Readers. Have a look. Might it will bring some air & energy for your new writing.

    PS. The mug is marvellous. But when do you plan to produce ones with your own photo or at least with cites from ‘Conventions’?
    Keep in touch!


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    1. That photo was 8 o’clock this morning. I have a few pages on them now. The beginnings of another idea. So those pages aren’t blank any longer.

      You’ll think of something, I’m sure. I very much doubt we’ve seen the end of your writing career. “It” will hit you suddenly and you’ll be off and typing furiously! 🙂

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