Word Of Mouth (And Online, Too)

We are back from Puerto Rico. Yesterday, my wife stepped into Tiger Lily Jewelers here in Windham to have a link added to a watch. The woman in the shop did it for free.

Screen capture of Facebook.

My wife wanted to give her something for payment. The woman wouldn’t take anything. She asked my wife just to tell people about her shop.

I believe she is the owner-operator and that she does advertise in local newspapers, on Facebook, etc; but good word of mouth is perhaps most necessary in small business. So allow me to share some here online. Whenever we have gone in there, we have come out pleased: whether with a piece of jewelry, or a watch battery, or even just a link in a chain.

If you are ever on Main Street in Windham, New York, and are looking for something jewelry-wise, stop in.

I give her that positive “word of mouth” on my blog here also because what she did and said got me thinking and prompted this post.

Writers are too, in a sense, similar to a small business. But there is a gradation of difference to me in terms of product. As a reader, I find I don’t tend to like writers who “push” themselves at me, nor do I buy their books.


There’s a line. I’m not sure exactly where it is, but I always feel I know it when I see it crossed. I don’t think I have EVER bought a book in my life because it had been “advertised.”

Reading is VERY personal. I’ve bought books because someone I knew, in person or online, had said something positive about the book (and perhaps the author). Other people have bought books for me as gifts thinking I would like the topic. Or I have stumbled on books myself – in a book shop or, again, online – and the subject matter just interested me.

That is why I leave it to readers to pass the word about my books and do any talking on my behalf – in person and online. Good or bad. But hopefully mostly good, of course!

I know I do discuss my work on my site here; but that is mostly to illuminate what I do and “introduce” my work. Two years ago, I explained my thinking on that in more detail here. Believe me, I know already that if you are reading this you are because you are interested and possibly follow me already, or you have simply found me via a search because you are interested in something I wrote here.

However, if you do like my novels, or any author’s, and know anyone else who might be interested, remember sharing some good word of mouth or a positive review somewhere online can help just as it may help out a local jeweler or any other small business.

Have a good day, wherever you are.😊


  1. Dear Robert! I’m glad you’ve returned! And indeed you do a good thing telling about this wonderful woman & her shop.

    By the way, have you read anything by Milorad Pavic? He is my favourite writer. I do recommend you his books for they are unlike anything else in the world. Though they might seem complicated. I hope you will discover something that might inspire you there.

    Keep in touch!

    Maria 🙂

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