Danger: Second Guessings

Monday motivation, courtesy of the Voice of America’s Instagram:

I know over in Britain it is not an ordinary Monday. It’s the May bank holiday. Thus the need for “Monday” motivation today may be less than usual.πŸ‘πŸ˜„

The holiday rental here on Puerto Rico’s Vieques Island has no television. But there is fantastic internet. I’ve reached the point now where I don’t care much if I ever watch TV – as long as there’s internet.

When we’ve not been out and about, I’ve done some necessary social media “housekeeping”:

I’ve also been doing lots of reading – especially Adele Archer’s new novel, Foreign Affairs. Music has been on a great deal too – all sorts that’s stored on the phone and, thanks to the net, now and then, Soundcloud. (Marion Clavie on Soundcloud – the home for indie musicians – in particular.) It’s possible to stream Classic FM radio from England here in Puerto Rico as well, and that has been on in the background a bit.

Unfortunately a danger in a writer having time on their hands is in being unable to resist going back to what has been written. I have to stop doing that. A few times here, I’ve opened Conventions and started reading at random locations:

Excerpt from “Conventions” on Kindle for iPad. Click to enlarge.

For example, I wrote that 1791 scene months ago. It’s not perfect, but nothing is perfect in this existence of course. As a writer, be proud of what you do; yet if you aren’t capable of accepting imperfection, you will never finish anything and never publish anything.

Indeed, as Sheryl Sandberg says: “Done is better than perfect.” But merely finishing is never an end in itself and a writer needs to understand that, too. So let me modify that advice slightly: let us say here instead that, “Done is usually better than perfect.”πŸ˜‚

Have a good (if invariably imperfect) day, wherever you are.😊

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  1. Happy Bank Holiday, dear Robert! I guess you feel Hemingway drinking that delicious cocktail!
    and don’t tell us all your writing secrets! You’re the Esteemed Writer! Stay mystery! Always unread book! :-)!

    Happy vacations!


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