Rocket Flares In A Pre-Dawn Sky

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The clocks moved forward here in Britain last night…

After the “short” night, I’m still awake early. I am usually an early riser – particularly now. My brain seems on “full speed” as I awaken and for some time afterwards.

I’m awaiting the first ever printed proof copy of Conventions. It should be here any day. Even though I know most of my readers use Kindles and other e-readers, I never quite feel I have about finished writing a novel until I hold a paper copy of it.

That photo I grabbed last night of the 70 MPH (if they are following the speed limit) onrushing traffic at dusk on the A1(M) somehow got me thinking about THIS this morning. Even though I’m awaiting that proof, I’m still tinkering with text. There are bits that are still making me insane – I just can’t get them as I “want” them. One example:

Sneak Peek from “Conventions.” Click to expand.

That paragraph, which opens a chapter, has taken me several hours, in total, to write – at least. I’d had another version, but I was not satisfied with that one, so I changed it. And I didn’t like that revision either, so I changed it again. I’ve lost count now of how many times I’ve rewritten it over the past 15 months.

So now I am here with it. Maybe that version will make the final novel. Maybe.

I feel I could rewrite most everything I’ve written. Which is why re-reading as an author can be painful. Yet at some point you have to look at a page and say to yourself: “That’s ‘locked.’ Move on…”

Writing the 18th century has worn me down. Thank goodness the weekend is here! Time for "Dee" and "Milo" – the American – in current day Richmond (London) by @adelearcherwrites. . I don't review books on Amazon. That's not because I'm being precious or awkward. Rather, it's because my Amazon account is under my real name, which is close enough to my pen name here that anyone with half a brain could put 2 + 2 together!πŸ˜ŽπŸ“I will say this here about Adele's books. I've read the first two and look forward to this new one. They are terrific reads. πŸ˜€πŸ“š . American men … who'd tolerate 'em! πŸ˜‚ . Wait! I'm one!πŸ˜† . #AdeleArcher #weekend #Friday #humor #humour #Hertfordshire #England #travel #books #novels #romancenovels #authors #writers #Amazon #Kindle #writersofInstagram #photo #photographylife #expats #homeoffice #iPad #literature #writers #indiebooks #indieauthors

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And when you’ve “given up” and “locked” all of it, you share it with readers and hope hope hope you’ve spoken to them in some special way. When I was an academic in an earlier life, I wasn’t much of a fiction reader, but I am now. I’m looking forward to reading Adele’s latest.

Because it’s wonderful to read what someone else has invented – and just sit back and enjoy it. Because YOU aren’t responsible for it! I think I understand fiction writers now better than ever. πŸ™‚

Further thoughts?

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