The End Days

I’ve learned since 2013. I hate this “ending” period perhaps the most. A novel is essentially finished…

“Controlled chaos.” The home office, this morning. [Photo by me, 2017.]
…but it’s not “quite” (in my mind) finished.

And you take a photo of your desk and put it on your blog as you plan to return to it once more. Because it’s your “baby” and it’s almost all grown up. And you want it to be PERFECT – or at least as “perfect” as you as an imperfect human may make it.

This is that time you spend days with a full manuscript in front of you, and chances are a future reader will never know that you have sat here fiddling for yet another morning, spotting a paragraph on page “443” that “needs” to be altered by a few words, or a description that “must” be tightened up on page “112,” or that more detail surely is required in a scene on page “35”, or…

At some point, though, any writer has to call it a finished project. It’s just immensely difficult knowing when precisely to do so. Every time I re-read a chapter, or even a page, I see bits I want to alter.

Working covers, Conventions: The Garden At Paris. Click to expand.
Working covers, Conventions: The Garden At Paris. Click to expand.

You have seen as much of it as anyone else. I am the only one who has read it in full – and as I’ve said before, you are not an author if you write only for yourself; you’re a diarist. It is nearly time to show it to those who need to see it…

…and then I discover if my writing career is finished. 😉

But when to put away the keyboard once and for all is the toughest writing call to make.

On to Thursday. Have a good one, wherever you may be. 🙂


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