Day Of Rest

I read none of my Conventions manuscript yesterday beyond glimpsing its cover on Instagram and here in my post about it. I’m taking a few days away from the late 1700s to clear my head before I delve into correcting it from the beginning. I think this is probably the first time in months I have gone a 24 hour period (and counting) not writing or reading any of it.

Stock Photo: An Indo-Chinese tiger sleeping on a rock.
Stock Photo: An Indo-Chinese tiger sleeping on a rock.

As part of my “day of rest,” I found myself in a sudden Messenger chat with a friend. She lives in Bristol and was my wife’s friend before she became mine as well. (I have deleted names used.) She is the opening message…

Screen capture of a Messenger chat, 31 January.
Screen capture of a Messenger chat, 31 January.

Another exchange jumped to her Bulgaria-resident ex-husband (who when they were married – she has since re-married – was a “couples” friend of mine, with us all naturally then being a foursome) now being in Moscow attempting to find a new wife – after his several years’ efforts with a Ukrainian woman proved, shall we say, expensively unsuccessful.

That drifted somehow into another back and forth on Armenian women being voted “coolest” women on the planet.

I wish I could share those exchanges with you, but I really shouldn’t. 😂😂😂😂

On this final, more serious note: Are women – of any nationality – indeed novel readers more so than men? 📚

That’s not to say men don’t read anything not involving Hitler. I know they do. But based on feedback I have received about my own novels and what I see reported generally, I do think there is a large degree of truth in women as bigger readers.

Perhaps that is rooted in women overall seeming to have “wider” fiction tastes? They’ll read, for example, “Jack Reacher” novels as well as Jane Austen’s. But I suspect “most” men who like reading “Reacher” wouldn’t go anywhere near Austen.

I’ll leave you there for now. Have a good day, wherever you may be in this insane world which we share. 😊🇬🇧🇺🇸

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  1. Hello! I left a message on yesterday’s post but I don’t think it ‘took’. Yes, it’s always best to take a break between edits. Come back rejuvenated for the next one! 😉

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