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Happy Monday!

Back on Friday morning, writing a bit in the cold of the house waiting for the heat to be restored, I was penning a “three-way” argument. Suddenly one of the characters is shouting at another. After I finished, a continuity issue hit me: I realized in the shouting I had gotten carried away and forgot that character had also just blurted out a secret not meant for the third person in the room to hear – as of then.

It was meant to be revealed LATER in the tale. Yet as I thought about it, I loved the accident that I had accidentally just written; that the secret had been let out of the bag in a fit of temper. That sort of thing can happen in our own real lives, of course.

It read as wonderfully genuine. So I jumped forward and scrubbed the later revelation of that secret (a scene which I had, frankly, never really liked). Writing mistakes sometimes can be your “friend.”

Screenshot of my iPhone's Kindle app, where I type notes on changes to be made in the novel's text.
Screenshot of my iPhone’s Kindle app, where I type notes on changes to be made in the novel’s text.

We all do things our own ways, of course. I write at length on the Microsoft Surface you see in that video. Every now and then, I upload a copy of the novel file to my personal Kindle app on iPhone. I read it on my phone or iPad and type in notations as to what must be corrected or changed. I also make brief notes of new dialogue, “brainstorms,” description, etc., I might/would like to insert into the manuscript later.

And round and round the process goes for months. That is how I smooth out the text. I’ve done that same thing with the previous three novels as well.

So when I’m sitting staring at my iPhone and/or tapping away, as I was doing at one point on the train out from London on Saturday evening after the Albert Hall, I’m not necessarily posting to Instagram, or firing off a text, or writing an email. More likely I have my Kindle app open and I’m reading the manuscript and making notes. My Kindle app is, essentially, my notebook.


Another “note.” I tried scrolling Twitter again last night. I give up. The general tone of the platform is now tiresome, ugly, and adds no value to anything I do or hope to do. In recent months I’ve found I’ve also simply become bored by it and consider it a waste of time.

Maybe my opinion will change. For now, though, I need to silence the cacophony. I’m not deleting my account, but I am taking a break from it.

I have to say I simply also prefer Instagram for now.

Have a good day, wherever you are in the world! πŸ™‚

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