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It’s chilly up in the 17th century roof space office this morning. Air got into the radiator, and I just “bled” it. Until it warms up, I’ve set myself up downstairs here at the dining room table…

[Photo by me, 2016.]
[Photo by me, 2016.]
I always keep my manuscript planned covers within view as I work. A bit of writer “superstition” maybe. For this novel, I’ve also found 18th century portraits on the net that I’ve printed and keep in sight on my desk as “representations” of several of the main characters.

Thanksgiving 2016 will be a pleasant memory for me in this respect. No, it wasn’t the Thanksgiving meal. (We had a good dinner, but it wasn’t a “Thanksgiving” one.) Nor was it, say, the astounding English weather. (It wasn’t astounding; it was pretty much what you may think it was, except it didn’t actually rain.)

No, I’ll remember yesterday because it forms a small landmark in my mind for this latest manuscript. I didn’t know yesterday morning that I would get here. But I have.

Gone from the manuscript are the last of what had been mountains of historical quotes, asides, and excerpts from real history sources that help provide the novel’s “backbone.” As the story “swamped” them and flowed through and around them, I deleted the last of those yesterday because they are no longer needed. In short, I’ve got nothing now but my own words staring back at me from the screen.

Yes, those are about 90,000 words and it is still extremely rough in places and fragmented. Some parts are written almost as I would have it published, but others are still barely more than notes. However, I can see the entire novel now…

Sneak Peek from "Conventions." Click to expand.
Sneak Peek from “Conventions.” Click to expand.

No, I’m not hiding anything from you. Really. Honestly. 😉

When writing fiction, I’ve learned you experience these brief, and happy, “sense of accomplishment” moments entirely by yourself. Then, if you can, nowadays you share them on social media with your friends and others who might be mildly interested. As I just have here.

Have a great weekend! 🙂

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