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Window To The World

November 3, 2016
R. J. Nello

Social media. It’s full of dangers for a writer. For example, early this morning I decided to have a couple of laughs on Instagram:

In this case, the “danger” is the “distraction.” Years ago – before I ever seriously contemplated writing – I regularly admonished my now late uncle that if he ever wanted to produce one more novel (as he repeatedly told me he wanted to), he needed to stay the heck off of Facebook.

“Don’t tell me he’s on Facebook again?” my now late mother would also shrug. “Have you told my brother books don’t get written on Facebook?”

He’d laugh and agree with us.

Coincidentally, I’ve just realized this. His last book was published in 2004. Facebook appeared around 2005, didn’t it?

Kidding aside, we all do need to, uh, “chill” now and then, of course. Writing is consuming and difficult, and at times even upsetting. (Pen a genuine death scene and you’ll understand what I mean.) I tend only to “goof off” a bit after I feel I’ve had a “good day” at “the office.” Yesterday was one.

Social media is a stress reliever. I mean, taking a photo of your defrosting car window and sticking it on Instagram for potentially the world to see? And getting “30 likes” and some new followers?

That’s there. For you here, a blog exclusive. It’s not on Instagram:

[Photo by me, 2016.]

[Photo by me, 2016.]

Ahem, I had an espresso last night. ๐Ÿ˜‰

To fend off the dangers of “time-wasting,” I always aim to be disciplined. I won’t be around now on here for quite a few hours. I’ve got non-social media work to do.

Have a good, and stress-free day if possible, wherever you are. ๐Ÿ™‚


  1. OMG, I’ve wasted so much time on social media this week, scrolling through things I’ve seen again and again, my mind shouting ‘entertain me!’. When really it’s just an excuse, keeping me from all that I have to do!! ๐Ÿ˜ญ

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