As An Author, You Don’t Like Amazon?…

…Well, fine. You don’t like Amazon. But you take it out on readers?

A top of the hour news update earlier on Classic FM shared with us that some author – I won’t name him: I’m not interested in giving the person a “nod” even on my site here – is not releasing ALL of his latest book on Amazon. The full version will be available in brick and mortar bookstores only.

First, apparently there’s nothing else going on in the world that more warrants a “news” headline? Second, that’s not “news” anyway. It’s massive and free publicity.

Oh, and why is that author purportedly altering the book based on its retail source?

Because he says he despises Amazon.

How easily some (choose to?) forget. Yes, there are people who have the time and ability to visit bookstores and do. (I like to when I can.) But quite a few also do NOT have free time after packing the kids off to school and going to their second job, and picking the kids up again, to catch a bus to a bookshop that’s open between 10am-6pm (maybe to 8pm on Thursdays here in Britain) and wander around turning over every book lovingly by hand while savoring the touch and feel of each one.

Three familiar paperbacks. [Photo by me, 2016.]
Three familiar paperbacks. [Photo by me, 2016.]

Oh, but surely they could get there at another time? Weekends perhaps? Because they spend their weekends sitting around drinking cappuccinos at home and doing nothing else?

Indeed some readers simply cannot even get to a bookstore. Perhaps they are homebound? Perhaps the postman’s welcome knock handing them that desired package is the happiest moment in their day and a major point of contact with the outside world?

There are authors who need to grow up and get their heads into the actual world many of their readers inhabit.

While positioning himself as some “champion” of bookstores, that author also displays he thinks rather less of potential readers who (perhaps must) buy (his) books through Amazon.

I just happen to think that is worth bearing in mind, too.

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  1. I agree. And in San Francisco it is not only difficult to fit in a trip to a bookshop it is also a bit of a challenge to even find one! Thanks for liking my post.


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