“Journal, Paris, 21 October 1792”

A last post before heading off tomorrow….

JOURNAL, Hertfordshire, 26 August 2016, Early morning.

Weather fine. Another warm day to come it appears. We depart tomorrow for France. Little is packed as of yet, but I’ll do that later today. Much to do before….

In Conventions, a variety of historical figures appear in places, times and contexts that conform to their actual lives (insofar as I can reasonably manage – this is fiction, after all). I strive to make the fictionals similarly “real” and even have “years of birth” in mind: “Robert,” 1765; “Henry,” 1765; “Marie-Thérèse,” 1768; “Carolina,” 1770; “Charles,” 1755; “Jacques,” 1755; “Amandine,” 1774, etc.

Line art representation of a Quill. [Public Domain. Wikipedia.]
Line art representation of a Quill. [Public Domain. Wikipedia.]

I’ve decided also to include what was common in the later 18th century: travel journals. In this case, it will be one kept by “Robert.”

Back then naturally letters were central in communication – and I include some of those fictionalized, too. But a journal “aside” can help tie matters better together at times. It also allows us to get into a character’s mind without it appearing in the narrative. One example:

Sneak Peek from "Conventions." Click to expand.
Sneak Peek from “Conventions.” Click to expand.

Obviously a private journal also permits perhaps biting opinions to be vented that the character would possibly never utter out loud to anyone else! 😉

Well, have a good weekend. I hope I’ll be back in a few days from over there. The house we have rented has no internet, but we’re promised that we can get it via our phones. Hmmm. We’ll see….

If we can’t get any internet, I will be back in a week or so. Remember, that is the blink of an eye when compared to communication “black outs” back in the 1700s! 🙂

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