What The Poet “Said”

It’s a pleasant surprise to have your phone ping around 10pm and find this, as I did last night. I screen captured it earlier this morning. Yes, this is about the time I usually start my day:

Text messages exchange screen capture.
Text messages exchange screen capture.

That opener is from my new poet friend, Tracey, in Cambridge. She’d found out who I am through a mutual friend. She’d texted me a few weeks ago that she wanted to read what I’d written.

Early last week, she messaged me that she had bought Passports (my first book).

"Passports" on my desk this morning. [Photo by me, 2016.]
“Passports” on my desk this morning. [Photo by me, 2016.]
If you visit here regularly, you probably already know what I messaged back to her above. Previously she’d written me to tell me that she’d visited my blog here. However, she didn’t share with me any detail of what she’d read on it, and I hadn’t told her anything really about the plot, characters, or “intellectual groundings” for the book(s).

To be completely honest here, I wasn’t sure she would even read the entire thing. I’d read her poetry, but I had not the faintest idea about her novel-reading tastes. So I am naturally glad to learn that she enjoyed it.

Text message exchange screen capture
Text message exchange screen capture

I’d spoken with her the middle of last week – at last. It’s amusing to hear someone’s voice and talk after you’d been text messaging for a while, but hadn’t actually conversed verbally. While we chatted, I helped lead her through setting up an Amazon Kindle account and uploading her book file.

I had been under the impression that she – a “self-confessed technophobe” – was not at all good with tech. But I discovered she knows a lot more than I’d thought she did. She really mostly just needed narrow guidance about Amazon and its Kindle e-book platform. (She didn’t even have an Amazon account. Yes, there are apparently still such people out there in the world.)

Oh, and as you can also see in her closing last night, she appears to have liked “Mark” enough from Passports to mention “him.” Other than us signing off, we stopped messaging there. Whenever I get a chance, I may ask her about why she wanted me to say “hi” to “him” from her. 😉

Have a good Wednesday! 🙂


  1. Writers thrive on these kinds of comments. I’m glad you got some positive feedback. I don’t consider myself too techie, but I did manage, with the help of an ebook formatting company, to make some edits to my ebook and re-upload it. It was not as difficult a process as I imagined.

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