Instagram “7-7-7” Challenge (Brought To WordPress)

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For starters, I would like to point out that what follows is all Kate Colby’sΒ (The Cogsmith’s Daughter and The Courtesan’s Avenger) fault. πŸ˜‰ Yesterday, I found on Instagram that she had included me (along with six other authors) in a “challenge” to share 7 sentences from page 7 in my latest work in progress. Next I needed to challenge 7 additional authors to do the same.

Quickly, I was able to offer up the first two sevens in Conventions, and did so:

7 lines from page 7 of Conventions, in progress. [Photo by me, 2016.]
7 sentences from page 7 of Conventions, in progress. [Photo by me, 2016.]

I’m still new to Instagram. So, unfortunately, and as I also wrote on Instagram yesterday, *I* *DON’T* *KNOW* 7 other authors (I’m aware of) on Instagram.

I did know four (besides Kate), and promptly asked all of them if they would like to join in: Adele Archer, Simon Laffy, Margaux Benison and Cas Blomberg.

Screen capture of Instagram log in page.
Screen capture of Instagram log in page.

Assuming they still like and want to continue to know me, that is. But that still leaves me 3 authors short.

I do know, however, quite a few authors here on WordPress. That being so, I’d like to ask any of you if you would like to join in. Share 7 sentences (in a row) that appear on page 7 of your current manuscript – in the comments below, or on your own site (just link to it in my comments), or on Instagram (if you are there and I don’t know it). If you are able to ask 7 other authors to do the same…feel free…

And everyone, have a nice day. πŸ™‚


UPDATE: For some reason, while I was sharing this post to Google+, I suddenly remembered dodge ball in junior high school:

…But while I was accurate, I couldn’t throw very hard. Although I do recall I did once first-class conk some guy who’d hit “Rita” (in a mixed game in gym class) way too hard…

School memories never go away! How our minds work! LOL!


  1. If it makes you feel any better, I didn’t know hardly any authors on Instagram when I started either. I’ve slowly found the profiles of people I know and made some new acquaintances too. It’s a pretty friendly place.

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