The Gallery Is Open

Having some “artistic” fun this morning messing around with the Prisma app. A photographer friend on Instagram loves it. I thought I’d give it a play myself.

I’ve run a few photos through it. These first two may (I hope!) look familiar to you. I used the app to “artwork” the original front and back cover photographs for Distances:

Front cover of "Distances," in Prisma.
Front cover of “Distances,” in Prisma.

Back cover of "Distances," in Prisma.
Back cover of “Distances,” in Prisma.

It also proved really useful with this problem. Immediately below is a Place de la Sorbonne, Paris, photo I took the 1990s and which I’ve never posted here. The reason is it’s a tad blurry and in those “old” days before iPhones in the last decade of the twentieth century, you didn’t know a pic was imperfect until you got the film developed days or weeks – or even months – later, of course:

Place de la Sorbonne. [Photo by me, 1994.]
Place de la Sorbonne. [Photo by me, 1994.]
But run it through Prisma and suddenly it’s “Impressionist” art:


Hope you’re having a good Sunday. 🙂

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