John Lewis!

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If you read WordPress blogs you usually see ads at the bottom of a post. We, the bloggers, have no control over those ads (that I’m aware of). They are bought by advertisers to appear on WordPress generally.

Frankly, many I’ve seen are just awful. They look at times like cheapo nonsense at best. They are often not the sort of stuff you would want to be associated with you or your content.

However, yesterday I happened not to be logged in and opened one of my recent posts for reference to something else I was writing. When I scrolled to the bottom, I almost fell off my chair. I couldn’t believe the ad!:

Screenshot of an ad below one of my posts.
Screenshot of an ad below one of my posts.

John Lewis!

If you don’t live in the U.K., let me explain. John Lewis is one of the country’s upmarket/upscale retailers. Its stores are legendary.

Relatedly, the Waitrose supermarket chain is a well-known part of the John Lewis Partnership. Yes, it is often pricey; but in the selection, staff, and overall store presentation, merely visiting a Waitrose feels like going on vacation. The world somehow seems like a better place as they are separating you from your money. Indeed studies have revealed that having a Waitrose in your neighbo(u)rhood boosts your home’s resale value.

So to see John Lewis advertising below our posts?

Bravo, WordPress! Well done! Woohoo!

And we here will keep trying to give you – at WordPress – content that John Lewis wishes to be seen advertising beneath! πŸ™‚

Have a good weekend, wherever you are in the world. It’s Friday. Later, I may pop over to Waitrose. πŸ˜‰

Further thoughts?

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