Bed Of Roses

Conventions will eventually be my fourth novel, and it’s a decidedly different creature when compared to the first three. What isn’t different, though, is in looking at it overall from where I am now – at just over 50,000 words, but nowhere near finished. This hit me again last night, and if you write (fiction) you probably find you feel much the same thing at times as well.

It’s remarkable to start from nothing but a blank screen, and within months have suddenly created a new world on a PC canvas.

We have no television yet in the new house. It has taken ages to get an appointment to have cable installed. My wife is in Lisbon again, so last night, rather than sitting in front of the DVD player by myself, or just browsing social media, I ventured back up to the office post-dinner to finish off a section I had been working on during the day.

After, as I clicked around within the manuscript and took stock, I noticed some of the massive holes that remain. I also know in my head increasingly how they will be filled. It’s really just a matter now of doing so.

One of the methods I follow in writing is initially I concentrate on “dialogue”….

Sneak Peek into "Conventions." Click to expand.
Sneak Peek into “Conventions.” Click to expand.

…and then I return later on and fill in “color” and “setting” as I deem it necessary.

I’m grabbling currently as well with a “love triangle”: Does a woman stay with her faithful (but far away) husband, or abandon him for an attractive and decent man (right in front of her) who has made it quite clear he “admires” her? The danger in the world is such that she may find herself trapped and never see her husband again; but she loves him. Yet she also finds herself wowed by this man who says he can and will look after her forever.

What does she do? Follow her marriage vows regardless? Or stay with this new man and begin a new life?

English rose in our garden. [Photo by me, 2016.]
English rose in our garden. [Photo by me, 2016.]

This just dawned on me. In raising that “triangle” dilemma, I’m not necessarily asking any of you women readers what you might do in that sort of situation. Although if you do have a strong opinion, I will certainly listen to what you have to say. 😉

All kidding aside, I believe also once you have such characters staring back at you on your pages, people you’ve created, you owe it to “them” to treat them as seriously as if they were indeed real. And ultimately you owe such respect to readers, too. For let’s just say while characters may “cheat,” readers should never be left feeling “cheated.”

Well, that’s enough thinking out loud for this morning. It’s back to work time. Have a good day wherever you are in the world. 🙂

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