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One of the troubles with writing is you feel awkward discussing what you did at work today with those humanly closest to you. It is simply too difficult to explain. It just feels more comfortable to take to a keyboard and share it online with social media friends and readers who follow because YOU want to.

Meaning that here on my own writing site I’m not risking making a total “bore” of myself (I hope). 😉

But one of the challenges in sharing what you did at work is if you include any excerpt it also shouldn’t give away too much; inadvertently “spoiling” your own upcoming novel is, frankly, idiotic. However, yesterday’s work, and this morning’s, was full of plot detail and “surprises” that I just don’t want seen yet. That said, having scoured it, I think I can share this:

Sneak Peek into  "Conventions." Click to expand.
Sneak Peek into “Conventions.” Click to expand.

That “sea stuff” is entirely new. I found myself drawn in recent days into writing a dramatic stretch that I had not pre-outlined nor even really pre-envisioned. But when the ideas hit me, I couldn’t resist. Yet however “good” it may be, in doing that one also sees how a novel can shoot (no pun intended here) from some 400 pages to 500 pages pretty quickly.

French frigate Boudeuse, in service 1766-1800. [Public domain. Wikipedia.]
French frigate Boudeuse, in service 1766-1800. [Public domain. Wikipedia.]

Yet there’s nothing like an 18th century sea chase. Do they get away? Or is the ship captured and all aboard thrown into a dungeon? Or is the ship sunk? I’m not saying! 😉

Hope you’re having a pleasant weekend. 🙂

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