London Vlogger Has Not Been Kidnapped

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Welcome to our continuing 2016. The last Friday in July. We simply have to end this week with this:

Enfield? I used to live in Enfield. I have relatives there, too!

Imagine if she lives around the block from them? Or right near our old place?

Such is the Internet.

That also has to be the London (Metropolitan) Police Enfield’s most liked and retweeted tweet ever. Nearly 10,000 retweets and counting? That’s Kardashian territory.

Marina Joyce is a fashion vlogger – whom I’d never heard of until yesterday. Apparently, some of her followers thought that in a video she had dropped a hint that she had been kidnapped….and, well, oh, let’s just say here’s the full story if you’d like to read it, as recounted (“reported” seems too strong a word) in the Daily Mirror:

Screen capture of The Daily Mirror.
Screen capture of The Daily Mirror.

A dramatic social media whodunnit solved. It came across my unwary path courtesy of Emma Suleiman, who is a serious photographer and PR professional based in Paris, and regularly appears on France 24 television discussing issues such as the catastrophe that is current Syria. She had tweeted that Marina’s videos, umm, weren’t exactly her cup of tea:

Regardless, such is the world we all now indeed inhabit.

Me, I’m retreating to the 18th century again in a little while. There’s a novel to be written, of course….pre-vlogging and pre-tweeting! I left off yesterday with a character aboard a French merchant ship far out in the Bay of Biscay as dusk approaches and crew members have just sighted an unknown vessel some miles away that appears to be pursuing them, and all they can do is wait to see what dawn reveals…. β›΅οΈπŸŒπŸŒ’

Further thoughts?

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