“Land of lovely dames”

A bit more “history.” Please don’t run for cover. I think you’ll find this amusing – especially given this is 4th of July weekend in the U.S.:

Excerpt, from Kindle for iPad.
Excerpt, from Kindle for iPad.

That excerpt is from a recent biography. The first part is from a 1782 letter written by the subject while he was traveling; the second half is from an 1811 letter he also wrote. In 1782 the writer had made his way across Sweden (including Finland, which was part of Sweden then) while returning from Russia.

He was one of the first post-independence Americans to visit Russia and Scandinavia. Of especial note: in 1782, he was also age fifteen (approaching sixteen) and (in that dangerous pre-modern travel era) traveling essentially by himself. (Yes, alone.) In Stockholm, as that excerpt shows, he was obviously particularly taken by Swedish girls. He’d never encountered girls like those before.

So who shared those observations?:

George P.A. Healy,  1858: "John Quincy Adams." [Wikipedia. Public Domain.]
George P.A. Healy, 1858: “John Quincy Adams.” [Wikipedia. Public Domain.]

It was John Quincy Adams, son of John, and later sixth president of the United States. 🙂

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