Decided: I’m No Fan Of “Fan Fiction”

Remember my post on writers simply ignoring the existence of copyright as if it somehow doesn’t apply to them? Apparently, Amazon hasn’t caught on yet about James Bond “fan fiction” for sale on the site. Look at this screen capture of an email I recently received:

Screen capture of an Amazon email to me.
Screen capture of an Amazon email to me.

We know how Amazon works by now. Merely because I’d visited the page for that Saving Mecca in order to write that post, Amazon automatically marketed that book, and others like it, at me. And that’s not the first email such as that I’ve received.

No, I haven’t woken up on the wrong side of the bed this morning. It’s just that I write this having spent a lot of yesterday working on Conventions – continuing to fill-out original characters and placing them in original situations within the manuscript. I think also of all of the other writers out there who strive similarly to produce original tales. (For example, Adele Archer has a brand new Anglo-American romance out. And having read her first, I look forward to reading that sequel.)

As I’ve delved into fiction-writing since 2012 and learned much more about it, and based on all I have seen around me, I realize now that I don’t approve of unauthorized “fan fiction” written for sale. To me, it is indeed intellectual theft. (It’s not dissimilar to plagiarism.) It is only acceptable if based on out of copyright works, such as Jane Austen’s.

That marketing email reminds us once again as well how even if you just click over to glance at a page, Amazon knows exactly what you’ve looked at. [Shrugs.] At least they haven’t ever pushed Nazi-Jewish “romance” novels my direction. About the only thing that could be said in their defense is at least that morally appalling ahistorical nonsense is original.

For me, today, it’s back again to the late 18th century: “Robert,” “Henry,” “Carolina,” “Marie-Thérèse,” and others, and what they’re up to. 😉

Have good day, wherever you are in our world. 🙂

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