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Hello again from London! Once more I’m “home” in the United Kingdom….that is also evidently on course to leave the European Union eventually: how our world changes unexpectedly. Incidentally, my Atlantic crossing reading….

[Photo by me, 2016.]
[Photo by me, 2016.]
….from back when the world was dramatically changing in another way. In yet another sense, we are also so privileged to be able to fly the Atlantic in about 8 hours. In the 18th century, it took weeks by sea – if you even managed to survive to get across it.

For Friday evening’s flight from Newark, I got lucky. I was upgraded to a window seat in premium economy – a benefit of being a frequent flier and of perhaps flying alone. I suppose it’s just easier to move you around when alone than if you are in a party of two or more.

For a time, I also thought I had hit the lottery in another way: I had no row-mate in the other seat. That didn’t last, though. About fifteen minutes after take-off, a flight attendant escorted a Finnish woman from behind in economy to the previously empty aisle seat next to me.

She was pleasant and told me she was connecting to Hamburg and then to Helsinki. Yes, yes, yes, I will also admit that back when I was a much younger – and a single – guy, I would have been rather pleased by her as a row mate. Now, though, I wasn’t really. Ugh, I thought: so much for my extra-space.

Besides some John and Abigail letters’ reading (which, again, helps in becoming more fluent in the flowery letter-writing language routinely used in that era), I also did some writing on my iPad. (I have a Bluetooth keyboard.) I threw down a few Conventions scribbles to transfer into the manuscript proper at some point after I got back here.

Naturally, I also tried to sleep some; but no matter what there is always some jet lag. I do finally feel much more back on local time this morning. Time to get back to work.

Have a good day, wherever you are in the world. 🙂

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