Grandparent Wimbledon

Father-in-law [on the phone yesterday, speaking to an old friend (also in his 80s) who’d just lost a brother, and now moving on subject wise]: “….You have our condolences. How’s your son? My youngest is doing much better, and his three are marvelous….”

Mrs. Nello [in the next room with me, overhearing, observes like a BBC sports presenter]: “The opening serve from Dad. It’s in. No return. Dad’s up, 15-Love.”

Me: “What?”

Mrs. N: “The bragging about grandchildren is like a tennis match. Back and forth trying to top each other. Haven’t you ever noticed?”

Free Stock Photo: Illustration of an older man playing tennis.
Free Stock Photo: Illustration of an older man playing tennis.

F-in-L [to the man on the phone]: “Well, and my eldest grandson is at Oxford.”

Mrs. N: “Oxford! That’s an overhead smash from Dad and it’s in! It’s 30-Love. Dad serves again….”

F-in-L [still to the man on the phone]: “Isn’t your youngest a solicitor?”

Mrs. N: “Dad lobs this time and approaches the net….”

[The man is replying.]

F-in-L [in response to the man]: “He’s a barrister now, you say?”

Mrs. N: “A barrister? It’s a passing return from the challenger, and it’s on the line! Dad’s now up just 30-15….”

Have a good Sunday, wherever you are in the world. 😉

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