When It Goes To The Dogs

I know not everyone out there does, but I like dogs and cats. I like dogs especially. As creatures, I find dogs particularly hilarious.

Think about it. Those relatives of wolves live among us. We feed them, look after their every need, and love them as members of the family:

Excerpt from "Distances," on the iPad app for Kindle. Click to expand.

Excerpt from “Distances,” on the iPad app for Kindle. Click to expand.

Essentially, we’re their servants. They’ve got us right where they want us. They must think we humans are bonkers.

About half of all households in North America and Europe own pets. So including them in storytelling is perfectly proper. They are all around us:

The family hound. [Photo by me, 2015.]

The family hound. [Photo by me, 2015.]

We’d noticed Canarians seem to prefer “smaller” dogs. Maybe that’s due to apartment living, but whatever the reason our first mornings back here in England we’ve run into seriously LARGE dogs once more. A couple in the nearby park could’ve been small horses. ๐Ÿ˜‰

I find walking and playing with my pal is a refresher. The exercise is an “enforced break” which, ironically, actually stimulates my mind. I get quite a few new ideas while dog walking, and have “written” lots thanks to walking him.

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  1. I like dogs. And cats. Though ‘like’ is actually an understatement in my case. And I think that while I am definitely my cats’ slave, I’m not sure about the dogs. They’re more my mates, I think. Or, if they consider me a slave, they are good at hiding it (manipulative things as they are, that might actually be the case). Ah, and once I’ve realised size doesn’t matter for dogs (assessing other dogs, that is), I’ve stopped noticing their size as well. My Jack Russel size dog had a Great Dane girlfriend – he was very protective and jealous and would eagerly fight any Labrador or any cat (she’s scared of cats) if needed.

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