Yes, Finally, Instagram

During my troubles with “G” earlier this week and my brief wrongheaded thoughts of abandoning WordPress (until I learned the details of what had happened, and that it was NOT WP’s fault, so I’m staying), which I wrote about yesterday, on the spur of the moment I created a Tumblr. I’m gonna keep it as an adjunct to here and took my first – minor – “tumbles” yesterday.

Just before I “tumbled” the first time, I noticed a tweet from Adele that linked to her Instagram. (No, no, no, not that other Adele. I mean the talented author.)

I had once sworn I NEVER would do it. However, we do learn: never say never. Yesterday, I created my own Instagram – years after it seems everyone else on the planet has:

Screen capture of Instagram.
Screen capture of Instagram.

But right after signing up and noticing Instagram’s first suggestions as to whom I should “follow?” Uh, I did begin to wonder if it is really my thing:

Screen capture yesterday of the first three accounts suggested for me to follow on Instagram.
Screen capture yesterday of the first three accounts suggested for me to follow on Instagram.

But I’ll give it a go anyway. I’ve put up some photos already – some of which have never been here (or you might have missed here).

Let’s see, I’m now on here, of course…. and on Twitter, and Google+, and Facebook, and Tumblr, and Instagram….

Amongst all of the “social media-ing,” I do still plan, by the way, to find time actually to write the novels – which is fundamentally the point to all of this anyway. 😉

Happy Saturday! 🙂

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6 thoughts on “Yes, Finally, Instagram

  1. It’s crazy how Social Media has expanded and how the number of platforms have grown, can’t even remember all their names. LinkdIn might be next waiting for you.

    I’m not on Instagram yet, maybe someday. Happy Saturday. 🙂

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  2. This social media thing is driving me nutty! Right now I’m dealing with learning Buffer that adds for you ‘at the right times’. I go look to see how it’s going and I see a message, opps something went wrong’ I will be bald before long haha


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