I Almost Relocated Yesterday….

…and in saying that I don’t mean moved here to Tenerife permanently. I’m referring to having almost stopped posting to this web site. In preparation to do so, I had already created a new blog home over at Tumblr:

Screen capture of my new Tumblr site.
Screen capture of my new Tumblr site.

Why? Because I’d had certain “technical difficulties” since Tuesday. They were related to my rjnello-dot-com domain. In the three and a half years since I had purchased it through WordPress, I had NEVER had even a SINGLE problem with it…. prior to Tuesday.

WordPress investigated it for me. The Help person was actually helpful, as well as friendly; but she came back to me saying there was nothing WordPress could do. It seems another company called, uh, it starts with the letter “G,” is at the center of it.

WordPress examined my site here inside and out and informed me there is NO PROBLEM with it. Unfortunately this “G” company, WordPress also explained to me, “makes mistakes” now and then. It’s up to this “G” to correct their error.

To do that, I’ve discovered you as a site owner apparently must approach “G” and pay your “respects.” Essentially, if you have a supposed “problem” on your site that this *G* company decides to “flag” in order to “alert” your “customers,” to resolve “it” this *G* company also helpfully “suggests” that you upload to your site, and NEVER delete, a *G* html, or some other such *G* product.

It dawned on me: if the Mob tries that sort of thing on the local dry cleaner or pizza shop, my friends, that’s called a “protection racket.”

And if you too are a WordPress.com blogger, you know what I mean here: it’s a sealed product. WordPress.com doesn’t allow embedding of outside code, so uploading html to your site cannot be done as a means of satisfying “G” anyway.

“Eh, pal, dat ain’t my problem,” you can almost hear this “G” telling you as he gathers up the cannolis after shooting you and leaving you for Internet dead.

It’s like this “G” is short for self-appointed web “Godfather” or something.

I don’t have time for this rubbish. I want (and need) to write my novels, not waste time clicking link upon confusing link at some “G” company trying to understand what on earth I can do to make that Godfather happy. I’m also not yet, uh, so filthy rich and widely literarily successful that I can employ legions of IT people to sort out my tech on my behalf.

As I thought on matters, I began to have second thoughts about moving.

Because it’s WordPress, thank heavens I have a “work around”; and what happened wasn’t their fault. In fact, they being the “gatekeeper” for my site was vital. If my site were “stand alone,” I could well have been, frankly, ruined.

Which is a major reason I have decided to stay here. Another one – perhaps even bigger – is the many social media friends and followers I have connected with here through WordPress, some of whom have been alongside me now for years. I have too much invested here to move location and start over Internet lock, stock and barrel.

Free Stock Photo: Illustration of an anchored sailboat.
Free Stock Photo: Illustration of an anchored sailboat.

These sites are now often nearly a part of us. Giving one up is not often easily done. I do admit I like what the Tumblr site may do as an extension of here – so I may prep it. It may also prove very useful in case I do eventually need a blog “life boat” at some point.

Or also in case I find a horse’s head in my bed.

If I do ever discover the latter, I’ll send “Henry” after them. 😉

Have a good weekend, wherever you are in the world. 🙂

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