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Around The Canarian Pool

April 16, 2016
R. J. Nello

Returned from our tiring, dusty Tenerife cliff walk on Thursday, we’d decided a plunge in the apartment complex pool was called for. And it was perfect. Indeed, just what we needed.

Free Stock Photo: Swimming pool.

Free Stock Photo: Swimming pool.

After, refreshed, we’d taken a few moments drying off poolside. A short while later, we started the stroll back up to the apartment. We had only planned on popping down for a dip.

“Don’t tell me you didn’t see,” my wife chuckled as we approached our apartment door. “Yep, definitely not the norm in America.”

“Women being topless is obviously okay in this complex,” I replied, admitting that of course I’d seen women sunbathing in that “fashion.” (Clarification: Only very few were. Most weren’t.) One appeared practically right next to me at one point as I was swimming, so I couldn’t possibly claim I hadn’t noticed.

“Yeh, fine, but there are children around too,” my wife added. “That one couple, she wasn’t just lying there. They really should’ve gotten a room. She’s laying on top of him on the recliner. And he’s grabbing her all over….”

“You know we don’t tolerate such European decadence the U.S.,” I joked.

Decidedly less dramatically, I noticed again as well a bunch of sunbathers poolside-reading Kindles. They weren’t iPads, but versions of the actual Amazon device. We’d been down to the pool the other day as well, and I’d seen much the same reading habit then, too.

Annoyingly, since there’s never a cover visible, naturally you can’t see what they’re reading. And some of them have looked enthralled. The writer in me soooooo would love to ask: “Excuse me, what book’s holding your attention there so fully that you barely take your eyes from the screen even to readjust your recliner?”

A writer’s dream: that readers would ever find one of your books that gripping.

By the way, this is not a “scientific” survey by any means, but I’ve also noticed so far that nearly all of those Kindle-reading sunbathers have been women. Few men seem likely to be reading as they relax around the pool. I wonder why?

* * *

Yesterday, my wife surprised me when she told me she’d read all of Distances. Frankly I didn’t even know she had a copy. It’s on the Kindle version on her iPad.

The "front cover" of "Distances," on iPad for Kindle.

The “front cover” of “Distances,” on iPad for Kindle.

As a writer, it may be an awkward subject: asking those you know “up close and personally” to read your books. I no longer do. I’ve stopped asking even my wife to because I know my sort of writing is not really her thing. Her fictional tastes lie elsewhere.

However, she of course also knows I’ve drawn on aspects of my own life for those novels. And I recall now that I’d thought that she’d been looking at me kinda funny occasionally over the last few days, and making some cutting, sarcastic remarks. But I hadn’t put 2 + 2 together until she finally revealed she’d read the book.

“I want to know what happens next,” she blurted out at the breakfast table. “I must have some extra proprietary right,” she smiled.

“I’m not sayin’ anything about what I have in mind for the next one,” I replied carefully.

* * *

I’ve updated my “Who am I?” page. Such is social media: matters change quickly, and I realized it had gotten a bit out of date. So, now, it’s “current.”

For today, anyway. πŸ˜‰

Have a nice weekend, wherever you are.

UPDATE: I’d originally mistakenly written we had walked on “Wednesday.” It was “Thursday.” I’ve corrected the post to reflect that.

It’s Spain. Time has a way of getting away from you. πŸ™‚


  1. Boy, do I miss a nice clear water swimming pool underneath a clear blue sky. I wouldn’t dare sunbathe topless today. But I did in my youth.

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