Dining At A Shake Shack

Sir Salman Rushdie yesterday. Now this. You can’t say I don’t give it my best to be as varied and unpredictable on here as reasonably possible. 😉

Driving back to our house from my dad’s on Monday, we detoured to shop a bit at Woodbury Common, a huge outlet center in upstate New York, just off I-87. About 2 hours north of Manhattan, coaches collect tourists from hotels and drive them up and back, so foreign visitors especially often make a day of it. Seeing Manhattan a few years back, two then age “21-ish” nieces of an Irish friend of ours did just that.

Approaching lunchtime, a few purchases in bags, and discussing where we might eat, walking around a corner, unexpectedly we saw a Shake Shack across the parking lot. We’d seen one in Manhattan a couple of summers ago, but the line then was snaking outside onto the sidewalk and we couldn’t be bothered waiting. Here, though, it was right in front of us and accessible.

“Effortlessly sophisticated” European she is, my wife breezed inside first. As for myself, walking in felt a touch surreal. For a moment my brain behaved as if I had landed from another planet and did not yet grasp the natives’ intricate customs.

What to order? I was briefly baffled. For a few seconds, I felt about “96 years old.”

[Photo by me, 2016.]
[Photo by me, 2016.]

I noticed shortly afterwards, happily, that there were indeed patrons quite a bit older than myself. So should I get a shake? That was a given. Beyond that, I needed to scan the wall menu and hurriedly did so.

By the time we’d finally reached the register, whew, I was ready. I didn’t embarrass myself…. or my wife. However, holding our electronic number ordering tag, while we waited for our food we saw there wasn’t an empty table, or even much hope of one anytime soon.

So we ate outside at one of the outdoor tables. Although it was a bit chilly, it was also sunny (although at times too breezy). It felt spring-like and refreshing.

My verdict? For fast food, it was, I have to say, excellent; but it also wasn’t inexpensive. That said, I’d eat there again without hesitation. And I understand better now what all the (mostly positive) fuss has been about. 🙂


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