Voilà!: At Last, The Title

Down in the dumps again on Friday night into Saturday morning as you know, I slowly came out of it (as has been the case since October) during the day. At one point, reading a bit of “research” material…. I thought, Voilà !

Working title for the new novel. [Screen capture by me.]
Working title for the new novel. [Screen capture by me.]

“The garden at Paris” is a phrase used by a real-life character. Since first seeing it, I couldn’t shake it from my mind; it had the potential (I felt) to be more broadly symbolic than used in its actual narrow context. So I’d had it on the title’s “short list” for some time, but I didn’t think it was adequate for the entire title.

When I happened to read the word “Convention” yesterday (for the gazillionth time), something clicked. I saw the “leader” for the title clear as day, with a subtle double-meaning for the tale. Hence my combining the two, and my choice of the plural.

I’m pleased as well we’re flying in a few hours for two weeks in upstate New York. We want to see my father and spend a bit of time with him, and we have an opportunity now. (He sounded okay on the phone yesterday.) So it’s back to our place in the Catskills and then a few days later a drive down to his place in Pennsylvania. (He doesn’t want to drive up to our house – about 2 and 1/2 hours – and I understand, so we have to go to his.)

Last night, in final preparations, I decided a new novel was in order:

Screen capture of my Amazon email confirmation last night.
Screen capture of my Amazon email confirmation last night.

So I’ll also bring Adele for the journey. And with that I’ll say goodbye for now. Assuming all goes well traveling today, I’ll be back on here next from near Windham, New York as soon as possible. Take care. 🙂


  1. Gulp! No pressure, then? Let’s hope the disappointment isn’t too much to bear😳! But seriously, have a great trip and I hope you’ll feel more like yourself because of it. But showing your emotions is good therapy too, so that’s okay. And whats more, it’s freezing here, so have fun!

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