Am I “Feared” Like J.K. Rowling?

Scrolling Twitter briefly last night, I happened to see a tweet from someone I follow, and who follows me back. It was harmless stuff about a Fox News host. Vaguely wanting to see if the host had responded, I clicked on the name of that relatively well-known news personality who had been @’d in the tweet.

When I did, I discovered that that Fox news woman had “blocked” me. I couldn’t see her timeline at all. I sat there bemused because I had not the slightest idea why.

Screen capture of Twitter "Support" page.
Screen capture of Twitter “Support” page.

I cannot recall @’ing her even once, much less having raised a ruckus with her over some issue that might reasonably have led her to have felt a need for me not to see her tweets. I’ve never followed her either. How she even knew I existed is anyone’s guess.

Two possible prompts jumped to my mind. 1) I had once been retweeted (unknowingly by me) into her timeline…. and she had been “appalled” by what she’d seen. Or 2) some junior producer who monitors her Twitter account saw something in my timeline…. and was so “appalled” that the producer decided that I should not be allowed possibly even to see the boss’s timeline.

Think about that. That woman sits before cameras day after day, glibly going on before millions of viewers about how to cope with Putin, or bomb Assad (or not bomb Assad; I have no idea what she thinks because I don’t watch her), how to deal with Iran, ISIS, or stand up to the President’s liberal agenda, or you name it. Yet she’s actually concerned about *me* – ME? – reading her tweets?

That’s hilarious. I’m hardly one I would think to be worried about. Or perhaps I’m far “bigger” and more “influential” on Twitter – am I FEARED like J.K. Rowling? – than I had thought I was, so she did not even want to risk me employing my devastating wit to dismantle whatever she may tweet?

All kidding aside, behavior like hers truly does demonstrate how carefully some media personalities strive to “cultivate” and “control” their social media image. Yet, for me, discovering her block has had this (likely unintended) impact: I had been largely indifferent about her before, but, from here on, whenever I do happen to see her, I’ll have a tough time not laughing at her.

Have a good day, wherever you are. 🙂


  1. And now you’ve got your Twitter follower wondering, was it me? And who’s the Fox News TV host? I said something about Megyn Kelly yesterday, all complimentary of course.

    So I checked. No, she hasn’t blocked me.

    So it Isn’t me that’s feared, it’s you 🙂

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    • No, it wasn’t you. 🙂 And it wasn’t her.

      Whole dopey thing made me laugh, like I said. Just goes to show how much of an “adoration” and/or “echo” chamber is out there among too many “news” personalities. I wonder how many others she’s “blocked” who don’t realize it?

      Regardless, how “important” I clearly am. So be careful ! Like any mega-celeb, my mil-gazillion followers will pounce on anyone I direct them to assail. Even prominent Fox News hosts. Muuwwwwwahhh. 🙂


    • Agreed. I definitely don’t give a damn. I just can’t get over how silly it is. It certainly doesn’t inspire in me any confidence in her wide-ranging opinions given she apparently finds little me too intimidating to dare risk little me stumbling on her august timeline.


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