Brides, Follow This Path?

We noticed this yesterday. A word on this sign doesn’t seem quite right:

Sign, Trent Country Park, Enfield, London. [Photo by me, 2016.]
Sign, Trent Country Park, Enfield, London. [Photo by me, 2016.]

I’m not a grammar nut. In fact, I can’t stand pompous authors lecturing on adverbs (I’ll boldly go where I see fit in my own writing, thank you very much), or where commas belong or don’t belong best when I am crafting a point – or when to use a dash, etc., and so on. Go write your own literary “painting” your way for your readers, and I’ll write mine my way for mine.

But I digress. 😉 Back to spelling. Isn’t “Bridal” in that sign a typo?

Isn’t a path on which you ride horses a bridle-way/path?

I did a quick search, and one sees that “bridal” spelling elsewhere occasionally. That sort of thing happens to us all. Most current writers understand the frustration at times of dealing with Microsoft Word’s spell check. 🙂

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