The Unpredictable Visitors

That “Fun With New Zealand’s Flag” post – from the (northern hemisphere) summer of 2015 – has in the last few days brought in tons of Kiwi visitors. It continues to do so. Until it suddenly “reappeared” within my “top visits” post list, frankly I’d almost forgotten about it.

I am no “expert” on New Zealand. (I have been there once, 15 years ago, to Wellington and Rotorua, and did like the country a lot and would go back, but that’s about it.) I read now that the flag change referendum is due to start March 3. (Those in favor of keeping the current design are polling well out in front – for now at least.) I’m guessing amidst the approaching vote there, my modest post must have ended up sorta “highly-ranked” in Google or something:

Screen capture of my Top 5 visitor countries on Sunday.
Screen capture of my Top 5 visitor countries on Sunday.

That “top country” visitor breakdown is perfectly “normal” – except for New Zealand.

Another post I’ve got that inexplicably occasionally re-attracts “crowds” is a joke about wifi I’d passed on in March 2014. Every now and then, that nearly two year old post suddenly gets hundreds of visitors. Then, after a few days of intense interest, they’re “gone” again and it’s back to “normal.”

Thus the Internet: you never know what will attract readers. You can spend what seems like hours “crafting” a post, and get little reaction. On the other hand, you can also toss up something in a hurry and a “mob scene” irregularly erupts.

Anyway, here we go again: a new week. Have a good Monday, wherever you are in the world. Oh, and if you’re in New Zealand, uh, a special “Hello.” 🙂