Geography Questions (With No Incorrect Answers)

Good morning! A group participation post. Don’t you just hate those?

Don’t groan, I won’t be going around “the room” looking to each of you individually, putting you on the spot. No need to avert your eyes or slide down in your chair; there are no wrong answers to these two simple questions. You may share your replies in the comments if you wish – which would seem obvious, I suppose, given naturally I can’t compel you to answer, of course. 😉

1) Which city and country are you in right now?

2) Is that your country of birth?

You need not be any more specific than city and country.

Free Stock Photo: Illustration of a map of the world.
Free Stock Photo: Illustration of a map of the world.

I’ll start: 1) I’m in London, United Kingdom. (It’s about 7:15am, still dark, breezy, and wet – there’s a surprise!)

2) It’s not. (I was born in Queens, New York City.)

I’m just curious. I’m always interested in that sort of thing – as you might have guessed.

Have a good day, wherever that happens to be for you. 🙂

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